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New EasyTimetable Wordpress plugin

I'm very proud to present you my brand new and first Wordpress plugin, EasyTimetable 1.0.0

As you may know, EasyTimetable, which was at first developed for Joomla!,  is my main project as an extensions developer. I decided to share this work with many other people and started last month to build the Wordpress plugin. It's done now, here are a few features you'll find in this plugin.

2 versions : Easy Timetable Free & Extended

As usual I glad to provide a free version, with limited feature, but a version that could already help many of you, and that will give you a overview of what you can you with it :

  • one Single page to manage everything (timetable, activities, additional informations
  • fully customizable (backgroung color, font color)
  • jQuery Drag & Drop system to insert activities in the Schedule
  • Insert additional informations inside the cell of the activity
  • Display additional informations & activity's image in a tooltip
  • Display the full description of the activity in a dialog box

Extended version features:

  • Unlimited schedules - one in the free version
  • Unlimited columns - 7 in the free version
  • Unlimited cells - 10 in the free version
  • Unlimited activities - 8 in the free version
  • Unlimited duration - 60 mins in the free version
  • Override dropped Activity end time
  • Print timetable
  • Display filters in Front-end
  • Duplicate timetables

And coming soon:

  • Put 2 activities in one cell
  • Adaptative layout
  • Booking system
  • Category system
  • Display today or upcoming activities
  • Custom each dropped activity with its own tooltip, description, color and image
  • Dynamic display of the activities list
  • and more...

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