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Easy Timetable Extended 1.8.0 for Joomla

Categories // New release

New Category filter, New timescale, edition of every single cell and more

The v1.8.0 of EasyTimetable for Joomla introduces some important new features:

A new category system has been added to activities in order to put a category filter on the schedule view.

  • 2 Display options are available: Button, with two modes of filter (additive or soustractive for activities with multiple categories) or List.
  • 2 text options: empty category name and the label of the "select" or "reset" button.
  • 2 color options: background color and text color for the filter (button or list).


A new timescale is introduced to both adaptative and fixed mode.

  • In the fixed mode you have the ability to set the incrementation (in minutes) of each scale of the timescale.


Last but not the least, it is now possible to edit every single cell, individually.

  • That means you can enter a custom name, custom colors, custom texts in the tooltip and a custom image for every cell
  • It is now possible to display some text with HTML inside each cell, individually


A few styling options has been added to make every timetable looks like the way you want.


What is the next step?

In the next 1.9.0 release will be added the capability to create timetables for different periods of time and display them in a single view. This way it will be possible to create a main schedules (school time for example) and unlimited variations depending on periods (holidays).

This next step is the last one before the Booking/reservation/appointment feature.


View demo site

View product page


EasyTimetable Extended for WP 1.4.11 introduces the ADAPTATIVE display

Categories // New feature, New release

For even more realistic schedules

The new adaptative layout allows to display each activities regarding their duration. The system does not change and stay as simple as it is since the beginning with cells to fill while dragging activities.

If you want to switch from the fixed to the Adaptative type, it is very easy, you just need to create a "blank" activity if you want to create offsets before activities.

Read the documentation here for a full explanation and screenshots.

The demo is back soon with a brand new site.


Joomla 3.7 : the end of CCKs?

A new major functionality in Joomla : custom fields

Two little words that will change many things in the Joomla eco-system after the release of the new 3.7 version planned for 28th march 2017. The new com_fields component will give us the capability to add any type of custom fields to articles and users. I wrote « any » even if there are, for the moment, a limited number of fields, which will be sufficient for most use cases but a new field plugin category as been added where any developper will be able to put his own home-built custom field. As you read, the com_fields is like the com_categories, a cross-component component that will give the opportunity to developers to use custom fields in their own components.

Template developers will not be left behind as custom layout for the display of fields will be needed.

Now, what about the title of that article?

Well, some of the smartest or the most forward-thinking early developers provided extensions that filled the lack of custom fields in Joomla: K2, Seblod, Zoo, FlexiContent, Form2content and more, accompagnied by dozens of specific extensions. These CCKs, or Content Creation Kit, are, for some of them, really disconnected from the operation of Joomla, they act as independent components with no link with there host, even with the framework.

They won’t disappear like that because they offer a lot of layout possibilities Joomla com_fields won’t propose for the moment, but Joomla has a great community of developers and you can be sure they will develop advance tools very quickly. This new com_fields will change many things in our usage of Joomla as simple user, as developer and will change the environment of Joomla, and that’s a good thing, Joomla! will be stronger against its competitors with this new feature. It has been a while since real big changes have not been made to Joomla, and this one is a Huge one.

The best is yet to come!

For your information, here are a list of fields you’ll find in Joomla! 3.7:

  • Calendar
  • Checkbox
  • Color
  • Editor
  • Gallery
  • Integer
  • List
  • List of images
  • Media
  • Radio
  • Sql
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Url
  • User
  • Usergroup


EasyTimetable 1.6.0 for Joomla!

Categories // New feature, New release

Split cells & Print

I'm glad to present you the new EasyTimetable 1.6.0 with 2 important features many of you asked me.

  1. Print your schedule the way they are displayed on the screen.
  2. Put 2 activities in the same cell, in timetable with the fixed type option.


New EasyTimetable Wordpress plugin

Categories // New release

Free & Extended edition online

I'm very proud to present you my brand new and first Wordpress plugin, EasyTimetable 1.0.0

As you may know, EasyTimetable, which was at first developed for Joomla!,  is my main project as an extensions developer. I decided to share this work with many other people and started last month to build the Wordpress plugin. It's done now, here are a few features you'll find in this plugin.

2 versions : Easy Timetable Free & Extended

As usual I glad to provide a free version, with limited feature, but a version that could already help many of you, and that will give you a overview of what you can you with it :

  • one Single page to manage everything (timetable, activities, additional informations
  • fully customizable (backgroung color, font color)
  • jQuery Drag & Drop system to insert activities in the Schedule
  • Insert additional informations inside the cell of the activity
  • Display additional informations & activity's image in a tooltip
  • Display the full description of the activity in a dialog box

Extended version features:

  • Unlimited schedules - one in the free version
  • Unlimited columns - 7 in the free version
  • Unlimited cells - 10 in the free version
  • Unlimited activities - 8 in the free version
  • Unlimited duration - 60 mins in the free version
  • Override dropped Activity end time
  • Print timetable
  • Display filters in Front-end
  • Duplicate timetables

And coming soon:

  • Put 2 activities in one cell
  • Adaptative layout
  • Booking system
  • Category system
  • Display today or upcoming activities
  • Custom each dropped activity with its own tooltip, description, color and image
  • Dynamic display of the activities list
  • and more...

Wordpress demo


New Youtube Channel and first video

A short lesson

Watch how to create activities from the timetable, override activities duration and insert them in the schedule in a glimpse.


New EasyTimetable 1.5

Categories // New release

New Adaptative Layout and more!

The new release of EasyTimetable Extended 1.5 offers many new features:

  • New Adaptative Layout: activity's height adjusts according the duration of the activity
  • New Information fields with ACL: nicely display informations for each activity in a tooltip or inside the cell of the activity, and/or in the description page of the activity. Fields can be display for specific access group.
  • link to external link, menu item (any component) or activity: it is now possible to link an activity inside a timetable to any kind of content inside your site (articles, Zoo item, K2 item, Seblod article, events etc.) and outside your site.
  • More design customization for activities : over color, font and font over color

To fully test it go to the Brand new demo site

A new documentation is available now in French!

Go to the documentation



Easy Timetable Extended & more

Categories // New release

New Releases for the new Year

I'm very proud to present these new products

logo easytimetable free bEasy Timetable Free component 1.2.0

No more need to create Joomla categories! The process has been simplified and it's now faster to build Timetables. You can also assign an activity to several Timetables, by loading it directly from the timetable, which wasn't possible before.
The Free component is compatible with Easy TImetable module.

Try it!

logo easytimetable ext bEasy Timetable Extended version 1.2.0

A few features, and not the less, have been added to the Free component to build this version:

  • Create activities directly from the timetable
  • Filter activities with a nice jQuery dynamic system
  • Activity duration goes unlimited
  • Add link from the timetable to the activity
  • Insert image to activities
  • Compatible with Easytimetable module
  • And more...

More info

logo easytimetable moduleEasy Timetable Module 1.0.0

You can now publish timetable everywhere on your sites and a few things more :

  • Get the Activities filter of the Extended version
  • Choose the columns you want to display
  • Add before and after text description to the timetable
  • Compatible with FREE and EXTENDED version

View it in action


Easy Timetable 1.1.0 for Joomla!

Categories // New feature, Bug fixed, New release

New Time Mode function: 12h mode or 24h mode

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Hi everyone,

For this first article, I'm pleased to announced the launch of Easy Timetable free v1.1.0 with a new feature : the Time Mode. Our U.S friends and other people from countries where the 12-hour mode is used will now enjoy the pleasure of using "Easy Timetable". Indeed, you can now choose between 24h or 12h mode (with am/pm).

For those who already installed Easy Timetable and want to skip from 24h mode to 12h mode, it's really simple and no need to build again your timetable in 24h mode.

Indeed, you just have to install v1.1.0 and edit the timetable, choose "12h" in the "Configuration" tab and save. Every schedule activities start time and end time will be changed to a 12h mode time. Editing the Time mode is only possible once, it is not possible to change Time mode after the Timetable is generated or, when upgrading, after the first editing after installation of the component.That's it!

Bug fixed : display issue of the first column of the timetable when no titles are defined for the columns

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