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Easytimetable Extended Bundle for Joomla!

Easytimetable Extended Bundle for Joomla!

Easytimetable for Joomla! is a user-friendly schedule management system for Joomla with a fast and easy-to-use interface.

Get Easytimetable Extended component + Easytimetable module, to display timetable everywhere on your site

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- NEW 1.8.2: Height factor for the adaptative mode: Adjust the height of cells depending on the duration of your activities with a factor from 0.5 to 5.0
- NEW 1.8.0: Edit every cell content individually (custom colors, texts, tooltips, images)
- NEW 1.8.0: individually add text with html (links, style) inside cells
- NEW 1.8.0: Many display option (text alignmment, style)
- Quick create activities from the timetable edit page
- Performance improve for large timetables and numerous items

Adaptative layout
- Height of activities relative to the duration of activities
- live override of activity's duration in the timetable edit page

Filter system

- NEW 1.8.0: Category filter added
- Choose activities you want to display in the filter
- Sort activities name
- 2 layouts: button and select list
- Custom "reset button" text and color

- High resolution timetable printing

- New tooltip system based on Tooltipster
- interaction with tooltip with the 'on click' trigger
- insert text, link, image and any html inside tooltip


- NEW 1.8.0: limit the number of occurrence of an activity inside timetables
- NEW 1.8.0: Add categories to activities to filter them in timetables
- Link to activity's description, external link, menu item
- Desktop and mobile display options for cell's and tooltip's informations
- over color for background and text
- info fields to share information among activities with access management
- image in tootip
- title in tooltip

User management
- Assign timetable to a specific user
- Every activity and timetable are manageable with Joomla access system

- Display timetables in every template module position
- 2 layouts: normal and list-like style to display in side columns

Note about usage and membership duration:

The usage of this package is unlimited in time and in number of installation.

Only the support and the download of updates are limited by the duration of the membership.


  • Version: 1.8.10
  • Membership duration: 12 months
Create beautiful Timetables in no time!
Create beautiful Timetables in no time!
Thanks to the drag and drop system, it realy takes no time to build complex timetables.
Dynamic filters
Dynamic filters
Filtering scheduled activities is an easy way for the user to find what is looking for.
Create new activities easily
Create new activities easily
You can create new activity directly from the timetable, a really time saver option
Manage activities
Manage activities
Choose activities you want to schedule directly from the timetable by clicking on a button.
Publish, unpublish, remove easily
Publish, unpublish, remove easily
Everything is under the thumb, you can publish/unpublish and remove each item of the timetable in a click-time thanks to ajax.
Full time editing
Full time editing
You can edit start AND end time for each item, so you can override the duration of the activity in a glimpse. No need to create different activities of the same type just to have time variations
Display TImetables everywhere you need
Display TImetables everywhere you need
You can display timetables everywhere on your site thanks to the module, compatible with Free and Extended edition
Front-end editing
Front-end editing
Choose to edit Timetables and Activities from the Front-end with the same parameters than in the Administrator.

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