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Both Joomla and WordPress plugins are not any more available to buy and download.

Generate a Fixed Timetable

Generate a Fixed Timetable


Basic settings

  1. Click on "Timetables" on the left menu and then on "New".
  2. Enter a name, choose a Time mode : 24h mode or 12h mode (with am/pm) and select "Fixed" type (selected by default), then choose a Start time, define a number of columns (The number of days for example), a number of cells. You can now click on "Save" to generate the schedule and set others parameters later.
  3. Choose if you want to display the title and the timescale. If yes, you 'll have to define a cell duration (default is 60). You have to use uniform activity's duration if you want to use the timescale in the Fixed mode, because the progression of the timescale cannot be different between cells. If you set it to "60" that means every cell should have a 60 minutes duration activity in it. If not your timetable will not have sense.
  4. Choose a background color for empty cells
  5. Define a custom height for cells (global height). Useful if you want to insert information inside cells with custom fields or "text in cell" information (see the timetable management article to see how to do that). Select the access group and status.
  6. Select if the timetable will be printable.
  7. , and enter column names (day names for example). Columns heading are managed by the Joomla! Tags component.

Activities display

  1. You have many display options for title and time information :
  2. sorting between these two info, title on top or time on top,
  3. the font size,
  4. some alignment and styling options.
  5. and the activity's time separator

Tooltip Display

The tooltip depends on settings you'll find in every activity's edition page and optionally in the activities in cells edition page.

  1. Select the alignment
  2. the tooltip text size and the tooltip title size
  3. Select if the title and time are positioned on the top of every tooltip info (including image and text over and under the image) or at the bottom of the tooltip.

Activity filter

  1. Select if you want to display an Activity filter that allows visiters of your website to choose to display items from a single master activity. It is a dynamic javascript filter.
  2. You have two display options, button or select list
  3. You sort by activity's name
  4. Define a "reset" or "all activity" or "select" filter text
  5. Define main colors for the filter (reset button colors or select filter colors).

Category filter

  1. Select if you want to display a category filter that allows visitors of your website to choose to display items that belong to one or more categories. It is a dynamic javascript filter.
  2. You have two display options, button or select list
  3. With the button display you have two different modes of filter:
    1. additive: you can choose several category, if an activity is in one or more categories it will be displayed
    2. soustractive: at least one activity has to be in 2 category minimum for this mode to be useful. If a visitor select 2 or more categories, only activities that are exactly in these categories will be displayed.
  4. You sort by activity's name
  5. Define a "No category label" for activities that don't belong to any categories
  6. Define a "reset" or "all categories" or "select" filter text
  7. Define main colors for the filter.


Enter a description with image, links etc. if you need.

  1. Define Timetable permissions (Delete, edit, edit status and edit own) if you need. See how to manage permissions here. Click on "Save" to generate the timetable and wait the page reloads.
  2. The timetable is generated. A new page and a new tab "Timetable" are now displayed. See how to manage the Timetable and insert or create new activities.

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