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Manage a Fixed Timetable

Manage a Fixed Timetable

Once you have saved, the timetable is generated. You just have to add activities to the timetable, there is two way to do that: You can create new activities or insert existing ones.

1. Create activities by clicking on the "Create a new activity" button.
2. Choose a name, define a default duration for this activity (could be modified later), choose a background color and a background over color if you want (copy and paste the color inside the over color cell will select this color automatically. This way it's easy to define a variant over color based on the background color). Do the same for the font color and the font over color (default is white for both). To insert additional information to the activity (links, description, image and info fields) you have to go to the activity edit screen. Click here to learn how to manage activities.
3. The activity appears on the top of the Schedule

4. Insert activities by clicking on the "Load/Remove Activities" button. In the dialog box, you just have to click on the activity's name you want to load.

Once activities you need are on the top of the timetable you can drag & drop them inside and adjust a few parametters:


Adjusting time :

5/6. When an activity is dropped, start time and end time are automatically generated thanks to the Start time you defined at the last step and the duration of the activity.

To adjust the time manually: you just have to click in the start time field of the activity and choose a new time. The end time will be ajusted according to the Duration of the activity but you can override this end time by clicking in the end time field.

Publication :

7. Publish/unpublish: Each activity inside the timetable can be published or unpublished individually with the small switcher button on the top-left of each cell. If the button is red, it is unpublished, if green...

8. Remove: Each activity in the timetable can be removed individually thanks to the Trash button on the top-right of each cell.

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